Tuesday, February 22

Got up early to run today- 4.15 miles and it felt great.  I only had to walk once!  It is such a boost for my spirits and I love talking to my friends.  It was so great to talk w/ Sue B., Sue O. and Cokie.   I am so grateful for Sue B. in picking my up in the morning, planning meals for my family and generally watching over me.  She is an angel!

Erin was here from Seattle and she and I went to the temple and then to lunch.  I loved spending this time with her.

Today we were making 500 sandwiches at Skyline.  About 30 students came after school to smear peanut-butter and jam of bread.  Maggie arrived at Skyline and ran down the sidewalk to me.  She then came into my room and played “teacher” which involves lots of writing on the board and walking around with clipboards while telling people what to do.   My students ate her up!

I went to the Salvation Army to serve dinner w/ my students.  I feel like my service is really important there.  I watched one my students, Sarah Jane, interacting w/ people and once again I was touched by how much potential and good these students will do in the world.  Others were working hard to serve soup, pour drinks and help in any way that they could.  For many of us, this is our favorite service, and we find ourselves together on the 4th Tuesday of the month.

I was touched by a kind message for a neighbor and friend on my phone.  Jeff Randal called to say how sorry he was that I had cancer and that if I needed any help.  He has a great recommendation for an oncologist and I was so impressed by his compassion when he is going through such a tough time.  He said- let’s both get through these next four months and then things will be better.  Yes, I agree!

Kindness found is way to my door though Keven and Kathy Cahoon in the form of an angel pendant.  I will carry it with me!


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  1. laurie burt February 24, 2011 at 4:10 pm #

    Hi Joanie,
    I enjoy reading your “thoughts”. (That sounds a little creepy, huh?!!) I’m thinking about you, sending positive thoughts, and whispering lots of prayers for you all day today. Love you,

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