Monday, February 21

So glad to wake up this morning and not have to do tests or worry about results.   Met Patti, Sue O. and Sue B. and we walked to top of cove and then came back (3.5 miles).  It was such a beautiful morning, a lot of snow had fallen the day before and some through the night.   It was gorgeous.   The roads were covered still w/ snow and ice but it was so good for my soul to be outside.  I have really missed getting up early to exercise w/ my foot injury and then on the days I go to Skyline, I start so early that I can’t get in the exercise w/ friends before.  Friends are the best therapy ever.  I love that they keep me grounded and will tell me when I’m off the mark, especially Sue O.  I love that about her.  That’s what true friends do, they tell you when you’re thinking irrationally, emotionally etc.

Went to lunch w/ friends and got to talk to Susie Beaudoin about all the things she’s been going through.  Her husband, Jim, has been very sick and is now on the mend.  She too has felt the power of people’s concern and prayer.  Bishop Rossiter told me this great quote by President Monson, “Prayer is the passport to peace”.  Maybe that’s why the celestial room at the temple is so peaceful.  There is so much prayer going on in there.

I got to talk to my sister, Lynne, for about 45 minutes.  Now that I understand a bit more about this complex stuff called “cancer”,  I can understand her cancer a bit better.  She is an inspiration to me.  She is so positive and has tried so many things to get rid of her cancer.  I am so grateful for her example.  I know she was so sick to hear that my tests came back positive.  I also know that I have no idea what she has really gone through but I think I will get closer to knowing.  She has all these books for me to read.  I feel very protective of my other sisters and hope that they don’t have to go through this.  Maybe they can get the proper testing w/ MRIs ect. so it never happens to them.

The most beautiful flowers arrived from Mikeleen and Joe Thomas.  What a spirit lift!  Mary called to invite us to dinner- Cafe Rio Salads.  We arrived to the most darling home.  I love the way Mary decorates and their girls make me so happy.  Kate just smiles and plays w/ her toys.  Maggie tried to teach us-  she loves being the boss and keeps shussshing us!

Here’s a real positive of having this diagnosis- I have had so much interaction w/ others and it has been so uplifting!  We all should be spending time w/ the people who mean the most and stop worrying about all the other stuff that clogs our lives.


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