Sunday, February 20

Looking forward to call from Elder Taylor today.  President Crocker set it up so we are grateful for that.  I hope Taylor has been comforted today and not too worried!  It will be great to talk to him.

Joe and I went to Mitch Larsen’s missionary farewell talk.  Mitch looked great and gave such a fabulous talk on FAITH.  He told how Taylor had written him and told him to rely on the scriptures when he had a hard time in the MTC.  After the meeting, I went over to talk to Katie Jensen and her dad, Scott.  They were so sweet.  Katie and Scott got so emotional and so that really made me cry too.  I think it’s so sweet when someone hurts for you so badly and  I am so deeply touched by that.  We really have this amazing community of people around us who care.  Katie and her darling friend (from Olympus) were going to fast for me the day of the surgery.  Wow!  I better live a good life so that I’m worthy of these blessings.  Scott Jensen had cancer when his son Mark was on his mission.  He too counseled that you should tell your child so that their prayers could be offered in your behalf.

I conducted RS today and told the sisters that I had breast cancer.  My friend, Ann Benton, made an audible gasp and I love her for that! For me, having more people praying and supporting me is the way to go.  I haven’t wanted to keep this a secret from anyone.  I think it needs to be out there so others can help.  Joe mentioned that so many people want to keeping it a secret doesn’t help anyone.  I am amazed by the connections and talents people have and they want to share them.  This has been such a positive part of this experience.  I got a call from Kay Packard (in my ward) and she used to teach a class on relaxation training and self-hypnosis to help patients who have to deal w/ a lot of pain therapy.  Sign me up!  I can’t wait to get with her before I do chemo and learn some techniques.

George Pratt stopped by after church to talk w/ us.  He was our former home teachers and we loved his visits.  What a kind gesture!  I loved visiting w/him and wondered while he was here, why we don’t connect more w/ people!  I love my association w/ others!

I had so many sisters come up to me and hug and give kind words of support at RS.  I do love being RS president and really want to be able to do it while I have treatment.  I hope my counselors will be ok w/ me not being fully functional!

My Dad and Step-Mom, Linda, stopped over for a visit.  It was great to catch up w/ them and let them know that I am doing ok.  I love all these visits, they don’t feel like an intrusion, just the opposite.  It feels like people care.  I have to say that I felt calmer as the day went on and glad that I would be ready when Taylor called.

And sure enough, Taylor called @ 8 P.M.  I loved hearing his voice.  He sounded great and I told him calmly all about the cancer.  He loved reading Lance Armstrong’s book and is a big LIVESTRONG fan and he told me that I should read it (which I have done already).  I have found that book to be a source of hope because Lance’s situation was so dire.  Taylor has experienced a lot during this first 6 months of his mission.  He now is watching over his companion who has some honesty issues but Taylor hopes that he Taylor) will be transferred into a different area soon.  He has been in this big city for quite some time.  He would love to go to an area where he can learn some Mayan!  Rosemary Wixom (General Primary President) will be traveling to Guatemala in March.  We so hope that Taylor will get to see her.

It was fun to all be able to talk to Taylor.  He had some questions for his brothers regarding their missions.  Maggie tore apart the house looking for notepads and then told us all to be quiet since she was the teacher.  I’m glad to have Mike and Elle’s wedding to look forward to.


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