Saturday, February 19

Today Joe and I got up and decided to do his Holladay running route. I feel great and wouldn’t know that I had cancer but for all these tests in the last 2 weeks. It was relatively warm outside and about half way through our run, little drops of rain started to fall.  We ran along Wander Lane which is my old stomping ground.  I use to ride my bike from my best friend’s houses and come along Wander Lane when I came home.  Also, was part of my ward growing up so I have lots of memories as I look at the houses and remember who lived there and how they played a part in my life.  I have been touched by so many people and have learned from their example.  I need the exercise- it is such a part of my healthy existance.

Alex wrote to say that he was so sorry that I had to go through this and he wished that he was home to be of help.  But actually I’m glad he’s in Copenhagen because it would be hard to watch your Mom go through chemo.  I want him to make the most of his time in Denmark.  Joe called President Crocker and he set up a time for us to talk to Taylor tomorrow.  He will be calling us @ 8:00 P.M.  I have so worried about Taylor.  It will be good to talk to him.

Joe and I decided to purchase a Vitamixer at Costco.  I’m looking forward to blending all these amazing whole foods to make us feel good and rejuvinate our bodies.   Once again,  Pete called me and helped me understand this Triple Negative marker, which really sounds so horrible and hopeless.  He told me that even if I just did the surgery, I would have a 85% percent chance that in 10 years I would still be alive.  That helped to have someone say that the odds are in your favor!

Mike and Julie Duffy came over for a visit.  I so enjoyed talking w/ them and getting an up-date on their family.  I can’t believe how caring and concerned everyone is.  It’s such a lesson on how to act w/ others for their behalf and what a support system I have.  Mike Dunn left the kindest message of concern on our phone.

I wrote and e-mail to Laurie Burt telling her about the cancer.  We will be meeting Laurie and Kelly in Palm Springs in March and I wanted her to know what was going on but also to know that I will need the vacation more than ever this year!  My phone started to ring almost immediately.  I loved that she would call so quickly.  I will have the surgery and at least one session of chemo behind me before I get there.


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