Tuesday, January 10

Quote of the Day:  “It is up to you to illuminate the world.”  Phillippe Venier

Today I walked on Stairmaster, keeping to the lower numbers so as not to raise my heart rate.  It’s amazing to me how slowly time goes when you are watching a clock.  I never notice time when I’m out walking with a friend.  Let’s face it, life’s just better with a friend.  So yesterday I was trying to be very good since I had committed to my blog that my goal was to drop 10 lbs. by my marathon date, May 19, and it worked until we went out to dinner for Mike’s birthday.  We were all so hungry that we wolfed our food down.  But I was glad when I got on the scale today that I was a little down in weight, up in happiness, down in weight.

Rule # 2 from Runner’s World:  MEASURE WHAT YOU EAT   “We measure with our eyes, says Bonci, and our eyes are terrible judges of portions.  Case in point:  A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine found people serve themselves up to 53 percent more ice cream when simply given a larger scooper and bowl.  And since research shows people eat about 92 percent of whatever is in front of them, it pays to know what an appropriate serving should look like.  The only way to know that is to measure what you are eating.”  Go figure, we’re not great judges of what we’ve consumed and we always think we eat less than we do.  Back to restaurants, it is so difficult to measure portion size and also to measure what they have put into food to add calories.  And once you’ve started eating a meal, forget it, there’s no turning back.

I also heard on TV today that when we consume more sugar than our body needs, it turns it to fat so basically all those carbs we thought were so good to eat while we were cutting out the fat, they just turned to fat.   And really it all about eliminating processed foods, you feel so much better when you eat whole foods and then you don’ t have all those cravings for salt, sugar and fat.  

I saw a sticker in a car yesterday that said “Got Hope?”.  I loved that- it gave me hope.


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