Tuesday, July 19

Quote of the Day:  “The shadows are just as important as the light.”   Jane Eyre

Exercise Log:  Today Joe and I went up Millcreek Canyon and hiked the pipeline trail from Birch Hollow.  It was beautiful as always.  Very few other runners or bikers.  Purple flowers are blooming.  We went 2.95 miles.  Still hard on the uphills.

Doctor visit with oncologist and it was great to have some time to talk to him.  Here’s what I know-  I will see him again after radiation and then probably every 3 months after that for a year or two.  They watch carefully to see if everything looks good and how I’m feeling.  The first 3 years have a higher rate of cancer return and then it diminishes after that until about 6 or 7 years and then with this cancer- triple negative- since it’s so agressive- it if doesn’t come back in 7 years, it’s not coming back.  But get this, the test I was so worried about- CA125, they didn’t even run that test- they did a breast tumor marker instead, so they did take blood for the CA-125 today because the ob-gyn doctor wanted it.  Dr. Nibley, my oncologist, was just at a conference and said the CA125 is so unreliable as a test that he doesn’t even think they should use it.  They may do a petscan on me after radiation but we’ll see.  Tests just make me very nervous!!!

Dr. Nibley also said that the hair I think is growing on my head isn’t really hair, it’s fuzz and the real hair will come in very thick in about 4 weeks.  Why thick, because all the hair follicles are coming in at the same time instead of at varying times with normal hair growth. The metal taste takes about 2 months to completely leave and the hot-flashes, probably more due to menopause than chemo.    So glad that I didn’t have to stay and partake of the chemo!  I left his office daring to feel good about the future.

Sue O. came over for lunch and then we worked on the favors for Mike’s groom’s dinner.  It was so great to have her there to talk to and the work went by so fast.  When you’re friends are there then everything’s all right!  This is the first day that I have had enough energy to forgo an afternoon nap.  I even went shopping on my own.  


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