Friday, February 10

Quote of the Day:  “Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.”  Ben Franklin

This morning, Sue O., Cokie and I braved the cold- actually it was 37 degrees, perfect running weather for a shirt and light jacket with long tights.  I think, instead, that we braved the dark and Wasatch Blvd.  Joe quizzed me yesterday regarding running on Wasatch.  It really is a Pig Run- a name given to runs where cars come speeding by right next to you.  But Joe asked me why I would chose to run on Wasatch when I have all these other great places so near by, like Millcreek Canyon, his favorite.  The answer is simply “That’s where my friends want to go”.  So we left at 6:00 A.M. and headed south.  Wasatch always teaches patience.  It’s this long road, you can see your destination in front of you and it’s not really downhill but sometimes feels like it is uphill.  Anyway,  when we turned the last corner before we reached Knudsen Corner, I wanted to see if I could make it without stopping.  Sue and I ran along and pretty soon we were there.  I wanted to quit but I kept thinking that if I could get through a chemo session, I could keep running to the corner.   We than ran into Holladay and finished our 10.18 mile run with happy hearts and somewhat tired feet.  We rewarded ourselves with large drinks at the gas station.  My total for the week so far is 23.66 miles.  In two weeks from tomorrow, I run my first half-marathon since my treatment.  I will be walking parts of it but I feel confident I can complete it.  

I’m still 3 lbs. down with 7 lbs. to go but my weight is no longer fluctuating.  I see that as a good sign, hopefully a change in metabolism, so I’m encouraged that the running is giving my metabolism a boost.  

From Runner’s World:  Rule # 8   DO NOT RUSH WEIGHT LOSS  “In Bonci’s experience helping clients lose weight, she’s noticed the self-education process takes about 12 weeks.  You need three months to train your brain to make a habit of good consumption behaviors.  You need three months to get used to reading labels at the grocery store, to learn how to plan your meals and shop, to figure out how to add in more fruis and vegetables.” 

Make it Work:  One of the keys to slimming down for good is avoiding some of the common mistakes people make when trying to lose weight quickly.  They’re usually errors of deprivation: limiting options until your taste buds get bored, or holding yourself to impossible standards.  Then when you fall off the wagon, all the bad habits quickly return.  So remember to be flexible, and don’t be too hard on yourself.”

There’s a great website for people in my situation who have completed breast cancer treatment and are praying for good health in the future.  It’s called Life Beyond Breast Cancer.  I was a bit hesitant to go to the site.  I had such scary experiences before on line learning about my cancer.  Anyway, this website was very informative.  As I read about Triple Negative Cancer and all its parts, it was obvious that the writer understood my situation and had experienced the same emotions as I had.   They said that triple-negative responds well to chemo which I was happy to hear.  I’m very happy to be on this side of cancer treatments.  It’s eye-opening to me to experience the worry but I think I understand that it’s a part of life.  

Tonight I fly to warmer lands- Costa Rica.  I’m taking advantage of a ticket that was to be used last April, instead I had chemo treatments.  Now I get to go and bask in the warm sun!


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