Thursday, February 10

I had lunch w/ Jen and Mary for their birthdays.  Maggie and Kate came too.  Food tastes so good to me since I have been upset and forget to eat.  I had the most delicious salmon at Stella’s.  I can tell that Jeni is thinking it’s going to be bad news.  I wonder what she knows from the reports that they haven’t told me.  There is so much speculation and craziness in my mind that I find it hard to concentrate of the tasks around me.

Later I met my 4-Season’s friends @ the Epic Casual Dining.  Earlier in the day, I thought maybe I wouldn’t go because I would have to tell them what I was worried about.  I found it to be just what I needed.  Great friends to rely on.  Since I had a late lunch, I wasn’t very hungry.  I actually only ordered green tea and it tasted very good.  I have found that warm liquids are very soothing when you have something going on in your life that it so unsettling.  My friends, Candi, Heidi and Kelleen were very helpful.  I told them my story and they listened and empathized.  I was so glad I went to dinner because I have to force myself to keep going when I’m so worried!

I had a Relief Society presidency meeting at my house @ 7:30 after a visit w/ a sister who we haven’t seen for a long time.  I love talking w/ the RS sisters and one of them told about the time she had a total mastectomy.  It was hard to listen to.  She had survived breast cancer and that brings me hope!


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