Thursday, October 12

Quote of the Day:  “I am not limited by any past thinking.  I choose my thoughts with care.  I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at my world.  I am willing to change and grow.”

My sister, Lynne, sent me a pack of Power Thought Cards while I was going through chemo and the above quote is from that pack of cards.  I have mentioned how scary our thoughts can be sometimes and so I wanted to write today because last night this great feeling of peace came over me and I have felt so positive since.  Yesterday, I got a call from the surgeon who preformed the hysterectomy and she said that they micro-examined all my tissue and that it was healthy and benign.  I don’t care what kind of medical test you are undergoing, it is still so daunting to wait for results and your mind can get away from you with worry.  I was so grateful for her call.  She said it was the kind she liked to deliver.  Since she reached me on my cell, she asked if I was out and about and indeed I was.  I have felt incredibly good and so grateful for the healing of my body.  I have asked a lot of it this year and, knock-on-wood, I haven’t had a cold or illness since I stopped chemo.  The radiation seems to be healing and so I am grateful for a body and mind that are healthy.  I am also incredibly grateful that I have been able to get through all this mentally without any drugs or substances to ease the pain.  My addiction to wanting life to be what I want it to be is enough.  I have been getting out and walking this week- Patti, Lori and Kathy E. went with me a mile on Monday, Sue O. for 45 minutes on Tuesday, and Jen for an hour today.  Wow, I’m so lucky to have such people in my corner!

My family has become accustomed to all this attention as is evidenced by Alex’s comment the night before surgery.  He was looking for something “good” to eat and asked if there were any cookies or treats around.  When I replied “No”  he wondered what was going on, what had happened to my friends?  Had they become slouchers?  Didn’t they know I was having surgery tomorrow?  Of course, he was kidding and I did explain to him that this was about my tenth surgery and people were just plain worn-out!  On the contrary, we have received  such amazing meals this week and we are so grateful for the food and so grateful for the caring.  I also have received such sweet messages from 2 of my favorite students- Maddie and Liz.  Their words mean more to me than you can imagine- of all the things I am the most proud of in my life- the service we rendered in Community of Caring is right up there at the top because we came together to help others and we walked away helping ourselves.

When you have a blog, you get a lot of comments from people trying to sell you something but today I got a comment from a stranger- I hope it’s real because it was really touching. Here it is: 

Hi, I’m 12 years old, I was supposed to make a flyer for breast cancer awareness and so i was lookig things up online. The wings of hope picture came up, I clicked on it and i also read your last post. It inspired me to donate for breast cancer. It made me feel better about myself after i did, my mom was proud of me to, i just felt the need to share this with you.
and to end, a quote;
‘Women are like tea bags, you never know how strong they are until you put them in hot water’ Elanor Roosevelt


Dear Rebecca- Thanks for your posting.  If you are doing this kind of caring at 12, you have a rich future ahead of you!

The Wings of Hope picture she was talking about was made by Taylor in Guatemala.  



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  1. Matt Starley October 14, 2011 at 4:58 am #

    Hey Joanie,

    I had some time to read through several of your blog postings. I just want you to know what an inspiration it is to read. It reminds so much of my mothers attitude and positive outlook on life. I now know that accepting God’s will for our lives is a difficult thing to do, but when we put our trust in him, we know that no matter what happens it is for a reason. As time has passed and the dust from my moms passing has settled. I have found myself missing my mother mom more than I could imagine. Life is so much different without her around. I don’t understand why had to go, but I know that God has a reason behind it. It may be his way of changing some of our lives here on Earth. All I know is that its for a reason. It makes me happy to read your blog. I feel her spirit in your words, and I have the best feeling about you and your battle with cancer. I have a feeling deep in my heart that you are going to kick its butt and never look back. I know you are going to beat this for Lynne. I just wanted to say Hi and we love you, and miss you guys. Keep up the fight. It will one day be behind you.

    Your nephew Matt

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