Wednesday, July 27

Quote of the Day:   “Shoot for the moon.   Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”   Les Brown

Exercise Log:  Jen and I went 5.16 miles.  We drove to Holladay Library and then walked down Cottonwood Lane, turned on Haven Lane and then out Holladay Blvd. to Tuscany.  Holladay Blvd. is not my favorite place to walk.  Cars come much too close to people-in some circles the people in these cars are even called “Exercise Haters”.  This is the furthest I’ve walked since surgery and it felt great.  Cool morning after that pouring rain yesterday.  I loved it- it felt like a release.  

I received a card from a former student, Skyline tennis team member and her Mom.  I love this part:  “…we are so sorry for this little speed bump but trust you’ll be up running, playing tennis and doing all things active in no time.  …like you told the tennis girls- drink lots of water and keep laughing!”  And then Abby added: “…the angels will help guide you through this challenge.”  And they have.  Thanks Lisa and Abby from brightening my day!

So I pretty much have just a few eye lashes left and at this point it would probably look better to have them all gone.  I tried to experiment with some fake lashes- they make some that look really natural.  It’s hard to get the glue line exactly where you need it though- definitely a skill I’ll need to work on.  Finally, I got them all on in a pretty good place and then one side started to lift up and you really shouldn’t apply glue while part of the lash is attached to your eye- just doesn’t seem like a good idea.  But here’s the thing, having no eye lashes is just one more thing to deal with and it’s ok.  I was telling Jane Canfield at church that going through chemo and cancer has been just one humiliating experience after another. But really I say that only half-kidding.  Certainly, It has taught me to not take myself so seriously, that hair isn’t a reflection of your character, that their are more troublesome things going on in the world than temporary loss of hair, and that something like this shouldn’t keep someone from doing things they love to do.   But most of all, I hope it has taught me empathy for others.  Who knows what another might be dealing with?  

I’m sure this former Silver Medal Olympic aerialist who took his life yesterday in Lamb’s Canyon must have felt so desperate, despondent, and hopeless.  I wish he could have lived another day because maybe things would have looked brighter for him.  There is so much irony to this- someone trying so hard to keep living and another wanting it all to end.  

Skyline students loading food into the Food Bank truck.  Abby on far right.


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