Wednesday, May 4

RACE FOR THE CURE:  Please meet outside at the west entrance of Dick’s Sporting Goods @ 7:30 A.M..  That is the location of the end of the race, so we think that may be a less crowded spot.  We can get a picture of all of us!  Thank you so much for all who are participating!  I am so… touched by the support!

Quote of the Day: “Take your mind, throw it up the mountain, and then follow it.” Breast cancer survivor, on how to achieve a hard goal.

Exercise Log:  3.92 w/ Patti, chilly start but glad when the sun came over Mount Olympus.  (Milage total -.17)   Patti was way-over-the-top friend yesterday!  She walked w/ me in morning, took me to chemo where she gave me this darling bag filled with breast cancer hankies, sticker for my car, handkerchief that says “Sisters in Arms” , pink pens and pink bubblegum.  Then Patti, who is an amazing cook, Mike Daily can testify to that, brought us this delicious dinner of Spaghetti w/ whole wheat noddles, fabulous green salad and home made twisted bread sticks!  Ummm!

I worked in the yard for about 2 hours and it felt so great to be the sun.  I was able to rake and clear leaves from the west side of our front yard, did some trimming too.  I love working in the yard.  Joe finds it such a chore. Taylor was the master lawn mover in our family.  He would always do it without us asking and even go the extra mile and put lines in it.  No such gestalt from any other male in the family so now with Taylor in Guatemala, I just wait and hope someone will see that it’s getting very long and needs some mowing!  Just kidding, Joe!

Oh, nausea!  It was rough last night and coming again.  My head is so foggy.  I tried to type up Mike’s wedding guest list and I kept forgetting people’s names who I have no business forgetting.

Today, Joe and I stopped by the bakery to get bread and when I turned around I noticed some of my students behind me.  It was lunch time at Skyline and so there they were but when I turned and was walking away, they looked the other way.  I had lost my chance to make eye-contact unless I was going to be more aggressive.  I wasn’t.  I was sad that I hadn’t talked to them.  I’m sure for them, they were feeling shy and I was just wearing a scull cap which I am becoming more and more comfortable with.  I’m sure I would have done the same thing in high-school.  I didn’t know how to act around people with cancer or other disabilities.  I would have looked the other way.  I should have been more proactive.  I was thinking about Susie Eichers, the neighbor who also was diagnosed w/ Triple Negative and doesn’t wear anything on her head.  She is beautiful and I love her courage.  I might get to that point where I will just go bald working in my back yard, because really some sun on the head would help the white color, but I don’t think I’m secure enough to go shopping, out to a movie or church revealing my baldness.  Way to go for showing me bravery, Susie!  Some day, I may include a picture of my bald head, when it is officially bald- still have velcro-like stubble!


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  1. Lauren May 5, 2011 at 4:45 am #

    We are excited to come on Saturday. You are amazing. I just found your blog tonight and haven’t been able to stop reading and feel so inspired from all of your insights, life-lessons, courage, and positive attitude. Thanks for sharing. You’re in our prayers. Keep up the good work!

    Lauren (Mary’s friend)

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