Sunday, February 3

Millcreek Canyon is such a beautiful place, Summer or Winter, Fall or Spring.  I love different aspects of each season.  I feel so lucky to live just 5 minutes away from this amazing place.  Saturday, Joe and I had a lot of errands to run and a funeral to attend but we had this window in the afternoon and the sun was shining so we wanted to take advantage of the day.  We drove to the Terraces in Millcreek where we started to hike up the hill on packed snow.  The stream was running- what a lovely sight with snow and icicles forming an edge around the water.  I took a picture of Joe at one of his favorite contemplating places.  We could have used crampons on our shoes but instead we just wore our running shoes and slipped a bit in the snow.  We walked for about an hour up the slope.  The blue sky could be seen to the side of us above the trees but we were in a ravine so were hidden from direct sun.  We remarked about the beauty of the sound of nature, quiet all around in this snowy world.  It is through nature and exercise that I truly feel my soul satisfied.  It gives me so much pleasure to be physical in nature and to be with Joe is just an added bonus!

Joe- Millcreek CanyonJoanie- Millcreek Canyon



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