Tuesday, February 12

This has been such a hard running winter.  We’ve had so much snow and cold temperatures so it’s icy in the morning and when it’s dark, it’s especially treacherous!  One winter morning, a few years back, Cokie fell and broke her wrist on the ice.  There were several of us running and we decided to take the bridge that extends over Parley’s Canyon.  There was a patch of black ice and sure enough Cokie slipped and tried to brace herself with her hand.  She was tough though.  We turned around and started back, it was before we carried a phone with us.  We had to walk (it hurt too much to run) back to the cars, about a mile and a half away and then I drove her home.  She was in a lot of pain but never complained which is typical of Cokie.  Ron took her immediately to insta-care and she ended up having a few surgeries.  When you’re with someone and they get injured, you always go back in your mind and wish you could have seen the ice and shouted a warning.  It definitely made us more cautious to head out on icy mornings.

Sue and I ran this morning, though, and it felt great to be outside.  I started to feel happy and free to be exercising and running along familiar neighborhood roads.  I have been putting in many hours on the Eliptical but it just doesn’t give me the workout or the lift that running outside does.  When I return home, it always feels like I have been somewhere!  I have endorphins coursing through my body satisfied with the effort I have put forth.  In winter, especially, I’m proud of myself for getting out of a warm bed and facing the elements.

So, this is the beginning of the training for my last marathon.  I am behind but will have to catch up on the miles, bit by bit, and be content with the training I have done when I line up for the start in May.


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